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Each spay/neuter includes surgery, pain medicine, Rabies & FVRCP vaccinations $60 plus tax. You can add other services during Step 3. 

Beginning July 1st, 2019, we will have to start charging 6% sales tax due to House Bill 487 passed by the KY State Legislature which requires all small animal vet services including spay and neuter & adoptions to be taxed.  Even non-profits, like Tri-State Spay and Neuter, who strive to keep prices low to make spay and neuter services affordable to as many people as possible are taxed. 

When registering TNR (Community/Stray/Unowned/ Feral Cats) please choose female as the gender
unless you are certain the cat is male.
Each cat MUST be in their own carrier or humane live trap. NO EXCEPTIONS
This is for the cat and the vet tech. Contact us if you need to borrow a trap. 
Once you submit your appointment request the software system will send you an automatic e-mail letting you know the appointment is pending. Once the appointment is approved you will receive a confirmation email with pre-op and drop off instructions. Drop off and pick up are curbside. You will also have the ability to sign your consent form digitally - this will speed up your check-in. 


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