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THANK YOU for your interest in our rescued dogs and cats! If you are considering providing a furever home to one of our deserving rescues, the following is our adoption process:

STEP 1) View Our Available Dogs or Cats: They are available for adoption after being Spayed or Neutered. We always have additional rescues in our system who are not yet ready, so if you don’t see what you want, please proceed to step 2 anyway, so we can help you find the pet you are looking for!

STEP 2) Complete a Pre-Adoption Application: This is not a commitment to adopt, but merely a preliminary and required step in the process. To speak with the volunteer who is fostering a particular available pet to obtain more information about the pet, and/or to arrange a Meet-and-Greet to see if the particular available pet is the right fit for you, we ask that you please first fill out the application, so that we can put you in touch with the volunteer. If you don’t see what you are looking for, fill out the application and give us an idea of specifically what you are looking for, and a volunteer will contact you to help.


STEP 3) Meet-and-Greet: Once you have completed an application, the foster volunteer will make arrangements to meet you with the pet. This could be at your home, where a home visit is needed, or it could be at a mutually convenient location, preferably Ashland PetSmart store.

STEP 4) Complete Adoption: Congratulations on finding the pet that is right for you! The final step is to complete our adoption contract and submit the adoption fee. The foster volunteer will provide all necessary paperwork. The adoption fee can be paid in person.

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